Product Introduction


Brief introduction of coating machine

The series of coating machines independently developed by our company are suitable for coating AR film, hard film, light filter film, high reverse film and other kinds of film on the surface of glass, resin, ceramics, metal and other materials. With the characteristics of high production efficiency, high stability and high repeatability, they are suitable for continuous operation in large quantities.

Chief engineer in charge of product development and production, from Japan's top coating equipment manufacturing enterprises, with many years of experience in the development and manufacturing of various automatic optical vacuum coating equipment. The whole series of products in Nanyang factory complete the overall production and factory commissioning, compared with similar products abroad, has close to user demand, cost-effective, timely after-sales service and other obvious advantages.

Characteristics of coating machine

  1. 01
    Cavity diameter
  2. 02
    Workpiece disk selection
    star, planet, automatic turnover mechanism
  3. 03
    Selection of pumping system
    diffusion pump, molecular pump
  4. 04
    Ion source selection
    RF ion source, Hall ion source, Kaufman source
  5. 05
    Choice of electron gun
    single or double electron gun can meet the requirements of 100 film evaporation
  6. 06
    Automatic steaming
    Automatic steaming and plating software


  1. Consumer goods
    Smart phone/digital camera/VIDEO recorder/projector/telescope/fax machine/copier/glasses, etc
  2. An on-board
    Display screen/vehicle camera/control panel, etc
  3. Industrial application
    LED/ LCD/ORGANIC EL/DVD, CDRW, CDR, CD and other optical wave pickers/solar cells/decorative parts/electronic parts, etc
  4. semiconductor
    Semiconductor equipment lens · Optical components/lasers/optical switches

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